Property Search

Right Property Search

There are a lot of properties out there and without an expert guide, things can become overwhelming, confusing or simply tiresome. We find the "right" home that meet your most important needs so you dont have to waste time and energy.


Expert Negotiation

Buyers need help in making informed decisions when it comes to price, market analysis, and value adding improvements. Look to your agent to explain and guide you through the offer process and strategic negotiations.

Due Dilligence

Perform Due Dilligence

Know what you are getting into before you complete the purchase. We assist in discovering all vital information regarding your property history. Our Due dilligence assures that your decision was a sound choice.


Close and Protect

Congratulations, and welcome home! Now its time to protect your financial investment for years to come. After you close, we still help by providing information on the real estate market, refer contractors, repair services, and even estimate your home's current value.




Establish Bottomline

Knowing your properties comparative market value, location in neighborhood and timing is crucial for successful selling. The right agent can make it all happen with the least amount of guess work.


Stage and Debut Property

Desirability is often under addressed. Simple changes can dramatically and positively improve the appearance of your property on a tight budget. We professionally prepare your property so when its time to market, youll will be sure to stand out.


Market Market Market

Experienced agents know how to get it done by employing; professional photos, virtual tours, open houses, designated website, print advertising and lastly - our vast network of potential buyers across town or around the world.


Facilitate Close

Far too many brokers and agents appear to have an undeclared mission statement that reflects "salesmanship" rather than "representation" of Buyer or Seller. First and foremost, ethically and legally, we are continuously aware of faithfully executing our fiduciary responsibility to our clients. period.


Property Management

Our clients share that they are delighted to have nights and weekends to spend with their family and friends, instead of struggling with management of their investment property. Lets face it, stuff breaks in the middle of the night, houses require maintenance, rent collection is a pain, lease contracts are needed, tenants leave, leases get broken and turnover can be frequent. when a tenant leaves, preparation for a new tenant can be expensive and an eviction is the worst! Thankfully we are professionals that can help, in:

Facility Maintenance


Whether you are an out-of-state property owner or you simply would prefer a professional to handle all repairs, we are here for you. Most minor service calls are complimentary. Take advantage of our services so you dont have to deal with the hassle of mundane tasks.

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We only use licenced and professional companies to complete all job requirements. Upon completion, we verify that all taskes have been performed to the highest quality.

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Rental Survey

Rental Survey

Conduct a full comprehensive comparative market rental survey for your property using our latest tools, resources and network.


Market Property

Achieve maximum exposure for your property by adverting in multiple streams of media and print combined with our professional network.

Screen Tenant

Candidate Screening

Screening for only the highest and best candidates for consideration. We process the application, verify employment, residental history and confirm financial worthyness prior to presenting as a potential tenant.


Educate Tenant

Once the tenant is approved, we educate the tenant matters of; move-in/move-out procedures, CC&Rs (conditions, covenants, and regulations), and general considerations pertinent to the lease process.


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